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Lola the dog: Named after Solana Co-Founder Raj
Gokal’s first dog Lola.

About $LOLA
Many may ask, who was Lola? Lola was the first dog of Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of Solana, who has already passed away. This project pays homage to her, and responds to the popular demand for dog-based narratives in the crypto space. Lola was created in memory of her, and to provide value to the ecosystem created by Raj and his partner — the Solana blockchain.

Lola is more than just a cryptocurrency; she is also a movement. We believe that Solana has the potential to change the world for the better, and we are committed to making it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.
With Lola, we have created a revolutionary digital currency that is designed for simplicity, security, and accessibility.

Our goal is to provide a seamless crypto experience for everyone. Whether you are an experienced trader or a curious beginner, Lola is here to meet your needs and assist you in exploring the world of digital currencies.
How to buy $LOLA
You can purchase $LOLA in various different ways. We recommend downloading Phantom Wallet, purchasing SOL, sending it to your Phantom address, and swapping using Phantom's in-app wallet, or on a decentralized exchange like Jupiter.
Lola Buy Bot
Lola's innovative BuyBot on Telegram. Fostering cross-pollination and providing complimentary exposure through "LOLA Trending". As the user base expands, a nominal fee for trending features will be implemented, offering opportunities for free inclusion. The generated revenue supports the Treat Jar (Treasury), ensuring transparency and actively contributing to $LOLA's flourishing ecosystem.
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Lola Staking
Unleash the complete potential of your $LOLA investment through our Staking Pool Utility. Effortlessly stake your tokens, enjoy consistent rewards, and actively participate in enhancing Solana's decentralization. User-friendly and secure, it's the convenient way to optimize your cryptocurrency returns.
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Further Utilities
$LOLA is poised to revolutionize the Solana ecosystem, providing crucial utilities to meet the evolving needs of users. Our dedication ensures an active contribution to Solana's enduring growth, benefiting hundreds of thousands of users.
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Burned Forever
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Why choose $LOLA?
Lola is a captivating narrative inspired by Solana Co-Founder Raj Gokal’s beloved dog, becoming a cornerstone in the Solana memecoin space.
Lola transcends being just a memecoin, offering a variety of unique use cases and utilities that contribute to the long-term growth of the Solana Ecosystem.
The Lola movement stands out on the Solana blockchain, bringing together dog lovers from across the crypto space and fostering unity among them.
We are happy to announce our partnership with Azbit.